Residential Building Surveyors.
With Pride and Passion for Property.

What We Do

High quality building surveying services in Cheshire

We provide high quality building surveying services to our clients in Cheshire and the adjoining areas, specialising in RICS Level 3 Building Surveys.

At Redhound Surveyors, we are committed to giving our very best on each and every survey we undertake. That’s why we don’t offer any level of survey below Level 3.

Level 3 Building Surveys allow our experts enough time on site to collect the vital information they need – the information that provides you with a full and detailed understanding of your potential investment.


Why Us

Expertise across the Cheshire area

Whereas other surveyors may offer RICS Level 1 Surveys (Condition Surveys) and RICS Level 2 Surveys (Home Buyer Surveys), Redhound always look to go beyond this, never holding any information back, as we give you the best possible understanding of your new property.

It’s about having the confidence to move forward with your purchase, and that’s where the experience and expertise of our team proves to be invaluable. Our local knowledge is second to none, and our understanding of the prime property market in Cheshire is unrivalled.

We will spend time identifying any defects or issues with a property
and provide you with the highest quality report in a professional, but personal style.

Our Services

Accurate and relevant advice every time

We really care about each property we survey and we concentrate on providing accurate and relevant advice every time. We focus sharply on the quality of each report.

Survey Examples

Comprehensive approach

The majority of our instructions consist of large, modern or period properties, where we have identified and investigated a wide range of issues that are pertinent to these prime examples of real estate.